Third workshop

Yesterday we completed our third workshop for survivors. It was a much warmer atmosphere in the room, each lady felt much more comfortable and relaxed as they knew the environment they were coming into. And they all got to grips with some intricate floral skills!

This week we made flower crowns and spiral hand-tied bouquets. Both are quite difficult skills to master and all of the ladies did a wonderful job. To make the flower crowns, each lady had to wire and tape a number of small stems, and then arrange them delicately along the headband wire they had already twisted and taped into shape. There were some wonderful creations.

Next up were hand-tied spiral bouquets. Making these involves a skill of holding the stems loosely in one hand and constantly turning the arrangement as you go. It takes patience (lots of it) and an eye for detail. Everyone left with some beautiful, bright and uplifting arrangements to take home.

We are looking forward to our last workshop, both in terms of furthering our relationships with these women and in witnessing their development as florists as they become increasingly familiar with us and with the materials.